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Pets and Life - Informative and entertaining pet stories

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411PETS - Dogs, dogs, Akitas, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, American Bulldog, Bloodhounds, Chihuahuas, German Shepherd, Italian Greyhound, Labrador Retriever, Pekingese, Poodles, Toy Poodles, Rottweilers, Scottish Terriors, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Vizsla

Pets in the White House The Animal Search Engine. For Birds, Cats, Dogs, Horses....

CyberPet - your source for pet information - dogs, cats breeders, pet products and more.

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Galaxy Pets Directory

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Beloved Pets Beyond Life's GateWay - Pet Loss Grief Support

The Pet Channel - Where the pets go online!

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PetStation -- all about pets, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, rabbits, ferrets, horses, fish, aquariums, parrots and animals

UK PETS, pets directory of pet shops, stores, supplies & services, breeders, trainers, rescues, jobs, news & events and an online pets magazine, only in the UK

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Pets Need Dental Care, Too

Petpro's animal and pet gifts Pet Channel

Pets Pyjamas - Your Complete Online PetStore

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Pets 4 You - All Pets and Animals. Find Breeders willing to educate and sell you a family companion.

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Far Fetched 4 Pets offer unique gift collections for pets and the people who love them

PetsForum - Net's Best Source for Pet & Animal Information

Pets eCards from Blue Mountain

Pets, Pets Supplies HUGE 34,000 item Online Pet Supply Catalog, never pay retail again! Not just PET SUPPLIES but Marine Saltwater fish, Reef Corals, freshwater Aquarium Plants, African Cichlids, Pet Birds, Reptiles, small animals